ýma (pronounced EE-ma) is a private day spa located on one of Capitol Hill’s most charming residential streets. A short and serene walk down the garden path delivers you to an enchanting skin care studio designed for your personal pampering. Professional treatments for women and men include a full range of natural facial and body therapies as well as hair removal treatments which use natural sugaring techniques. ýma uses an all organic line of botanical skin care products carefully selected to help you maintain healthy and radiant skin.

ýma's seasonal skin care advice

Now is the time to renew your commitment to protect your skin!

So as you head outdoors, be sure to remember to apply your sunscreen, even on cloudy days! I recommend that you apply your sunscreen as part of your morning routine. This is a great way to remember to moisturize while providing the protection needed from the sun's harmful rays. If you have sensitive skin, look for a sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of 25 or higher.*

I recommend Naturopathica's Lavender Protective cream SPF 17 or Mark Lees, A Beautiful Day SPF 30 provides broad-spectrum sunscreen protection to screen out the sun's harmful rays; helping to prevent skin damage, freckling and uneven coloration. Moisture-binding lipids and hydrators help increase the skin's intercellular moisture levels, relieving dryness, while the appearance of firmness, lines, and wrinkles are improved without clogging pores, both available at ýma.

*Regardless of the brand or level of SPF, no sun screen can block all UV rays, so be sure to reapply every two hours for best results.