skin treatments

natural face lift facial $120- (90 minutes)
A regenerating facial treatment combining ultrasonic and micro current technology with a Plant Stem Cell Serum formulated to stimulate new skin growth and slow cellular aging while delivering deep hydration and gently firming the skin. This treatment includes three touches: collagen eye treatment, fruit enzyme peel and an anti-oxidant rich finishing mask.
ýma signature facial $80- (60 minutes)
A relaxing purifying treatment for all skin types. Session includes cleansing with sulfate-free cleansers, toning with bio-active floral waters and gentle exfoliation to remove dull surface skin cells.
pure results enzyme facial $90 - (70 minutes)
An immediate results facial using the best of nature's remedies rich in antioxidants to decongest and combat the effects of aging. This unique treatment will minimize fine lines, refine pores, and promote cell regeneration. Your skin will glow.
skin renewal power glycolic peel facial $100 (series of six recommended) - (70 minutes)
A rejuvenating 15 % Glycolic treatment utilizing all natural Alpha & Beta Hydroxy Acid which exfoliates dull and devitalized skin. A calming Aloe mask eliminates irritation making this treatment suitable for all skin types. (Contraindicated for roseacea, psoriasis, or eczema skin types).
single glycolic treatment $65 (series of six recommended) - (45 minutes)
men's rescue facial $80- (60 minutes)
This effective facial is designed to deep clean and soothe aggressively exposed skin related to sports or shaving. Pure plant-based products fortified with vitamins and antioxidants ensure visible results. Exfoliation, facial massage and re-hydration complete this purifying treatment. (Men should shave the night before a facial. It makes skin less sensitive than shaving the morning of treatment).
teen facial $65- (45 minutes)
A treatment designed to teach teens the fundamentals of good skin care. This facial includes a gentle yet thorough cleansing, extractions and one of our mineral-rich hydrating masks. Each facial is tailored to the needs of the individual, addressing challenges such as oiliness, acne and sensitive skin.
pick-me-up mini-treatment $60 - (30 minutes)
A time-saving and refreshing mini treatment that includes cleansing, exfoliation, treatment hydration and protection for the skin. (This facial does not include extractions).
bacial $80 - (45 minutes)
A treatment that focuses on the hard to reach back area. Includes shoulder and scalp massage, mask, extractions (if needed) and a moisturizer that is both soothing and hydrating.

hair removal treatments

All hair removal treatments are performed using the sugaring method. To learn more about the advantages of sugaring, please read the information on the left side of this page.

brows $25
definitive shaping performed by a combination of sugaring and tweezing.
chin $10
removal of all hair around and on the chin – may require tweezing for the more stubborn hairs
lip $10
removal of all hair on upper lip
underarm $25
removal of hair from under the arms
arms $50
removal of all hair from full arm
half legs $55
removal of hair from above the knee to ankle – includes feet and toes
full legs $80
removal of hair from upper thigh to ankle - including feet and toes.
bikini $40
removal of hair that would normally fall out of bikini bottoms
extended bikini $50
removal of hair that would normally fall out of bikini bottoms including hair between the cheeks
brazilian $65
removal of any and all hair or leaving a small triangle or strip
maintenance brazilian $55
when booking next treatment within 4-5 weeks of initial brazilian
chest (men) $45
removal of all hair on chest
back $55 and up
removal of all hair from the base of the neck to waistline – includes the shoulders.

tinting treatments

lash tint $25
Lash tint colors are formulated with natural ingredients for long lasting results. This treatment booked alone includes hand and arm massage.